Why I hate going into the Forwood tag.


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    Christ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Klaroline shippers need to stop being so BITTER over everything omg.
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    this fandom….
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    Haters to the left.
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    Whatever. They’re probably just upset that Klaus literally painted a speshul snowflake in that newest clip. LOL Let them...
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  10. carolenadiaries said: Seriously? Someone made a blog just to post hate on Forwood? So many people without a life, here on tumblr…
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  12. fassyyoubastard said: It’s probably someone that is a pathetic KC shipper that can’t except that Caroline will never love Klaus.
  13. wisdomseas said: Sorry about your tag.
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  15. iwantyoudamon said: This is why tumblr invented the block button :) Put it to use! We wouldn’t want the option to go to waste right?
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    People are jackasses. #TeamForwoodForever
  17. stileswetbody said: people suck