Tyler and Caroline deserved better…

That first step.  You can see how heavy it is and just how much Tyler doesn’t want to take it.  That first step into a life without her.  Without the only person he loves  left.  Without the girl he broke his bones over a 100 times for.  Without his best friend.  Without Caroline.  He’s alone without her.  All he wanted was to love her.  To be apart of her life and now he’s leaving and this time he doesn’t know when he will ever see her again.  

Then Caroline openly sobs as Tyler walks away.  Her love, her best friend, the person who has gone above and beyond for her, the person who made her feel safe and loved, is leaving and she can’t do anything to make it stop.  

These poor kids.  All they wanted was to be together.  To be happy.  To be free to love each other and they can’t do that right now.  So they let go and hope for the day when they can find a way.  

I just cannot get over this ending for them. That everything they did to try and break free was for nothing.  The people they have lost have died in vain.  That in the end all their pain was for nothing because they have lost everything they love.  A thousand year old man, the ultimate abuser who is a representation their abusers before him (Caroline with Damon and Tyler with his father), has ruined the lives and stripped everything from two 18 year old kids just trying to survive and overcome their abuser.  Klaus gets to win while his victims are left broken and alone.  

Fuck everything.  

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